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Our botanical expedition is to unleash the life changing possibilities and medicinal value of mother nature's gifts and explore the benefits of plant based infusions.

Heighten your conscience.  Reap the benefits any time to raise your spiritual being. The Happy Shot is an infusion of Kava and more powerful plants which can essentially induce a sense of general well-being and happiness for those seeking lightness and joy by radiating energy and focused vibrations into your surroundings.

Uplifting & Sustained Energy

Clarity & Calm Focus

Elevated Mood

Cognitive Enhancement

A Happy and Healthy Alternative to Alcohol

Expand your creative flow from ideas to output. Let inspiration stimulate your imagination and stoke the creative fire. Enhance your problem-solving abilities and provide fresh insights for anything you are working on. 

Allow your wisdom, energy and insights to permeate your consciousness. Balance, and align yourself with the Earth’s gift of plants. Surf the gentle shift to wisdom and a delightfully easy new perspective. 

Incorporate greater spirituality into your practice of life with this beautiful blend. 

Sip The Happy Shot to increase your connection to health and wisdom. 

Positively impact your mood by reducing stress, anxiety, and calmness. 

Explore your inner guidance to achieve a specific intention. 

Designed to gently create emotional change and allow joy, happiness, and self-acceptance to blossom. 

A generous, loving, and balanced formula that cleanses and transforms negative or blocked energies. 

Renew energy connections, rebuild joy, and rebalance after cleansing.

Unlock Your Calm

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Caution: you must be at least 18 years of age to buy and use this product, or in some jurisdictions, 21. Consult a healthcare professional before taking our supplement. Please don’t ingest more than one serving at a time or two servings per day. This product is at least 4 servings (seriously), it is strong. We recommend only using our product 2-3 times per month. This product is not recommended for pregnant or women breast feeding. For the ultimate effect do not take with alcohol and do not use tobacco after drinking. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or illness. We are dedicated to offering the finest quality product for your health and well-being in a safe manner. 

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